Kinquiry is a free resource for genealogists to seek and share information. Sources shared by users are linked to for downloading and added to the search sources database, including sources for existing profiles and any new additions. GEDCOM files are linked to for downloading (as submitted) and the information contained within is added to the search profiles database. Ashes GPS is intended to provide the location of where ashes have been buried or scattered outside of conventional cemeteries. Other sites provide GPS coordinates of conventional cemetery grave sites. Shared GPS coordinates are added to the profiles database. All links to external sites are set to open in a new tab. Kinquiry does not claim ownership of any material, intellectual or otherwise, within or external to this site. All efforts are made to not share copyright material without permission. Please use the contact form if you feel that copyright material has been shared within this site. Please do not share copyright material when adding image's, source's, etc. to profiles within this site.